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Tom Kristensen is the most successful race driver in sports car history. The Dane is the only person to win the legendary 24 Heures du Mans nine times, six of which were consecutive. The former Audi- Bentley- and Porsche pilot is also the only six-time winner of the prestigious 12 Hours of Sebring. Tom Kristensen can also call himself a former FIA World Endurance Champion.

With more than 37 years in motorsport, Tom Kristensen is a true racing legend. He has won races in every series he has ever contested. Mister Le Mans, as he has been nicknamed, has been knighted in his home country of Denmark, inducted into Motorsport’s Hall of Fame and named Sports personality of the Decade – just to name some of the accolade he has received throughout his career

Tom Kristensen has retired from professional racing but remains an active ambassador for Audi. Tom is also a public speaker sharing his experience of the importance of teamwork. He is also heavily engaged in the fight against cancer.



Le Mans

Tom Kristensen is the only person to win the prestigious 24 Hours of Le Mans 9 times, 6 of which were consecutive.


Recognised by his peers, as the most fit driver throughout his career, Tom has been hand picked to oversee and organise the physical and mental fitness regimes of Audi Sport's factory drivers and tie the work in with the medical department.

Race driver

37 years in motorsport. 25 years as professional. Tom Kristensen has managed to stay on top of his game for an unprecedented period of time earning him the title as the most successful sportscar driver in history.


Tom Kristensen is a well-known public speaker. He is sharing his experience on the importance of teamwork, how to prepare for success and achieving your goals. Get in contact for more info.

RACER: Tom Kristensen at COTA

Tom Kristensen - Den Sværeste Sejr

A legend for 90 years - Tom Kristensen extends his record

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